Independence Speech – Kwame Nkrumah March 6, 1957, Accra, Ghana


At long last, the battle has ended!  And thus, Ghana, your beloved country is free forever!


And yet again, I want to take the opportunity to thank the people fo this country; the youth, the farmers, the women who have so nobly fought and won the battle.


Also, I want to thank the valiant ex-service men who have so cooperated with me in this mighty task of freeing our country from foreign rule and imperialism.


And, as I pointed out… from now on, today, we must change our attitudes and our minds.  We must realise that form now on we are no longer a colonial but free and independent people.


But also, as I pointed out, that also entails hard work.  That new Africa is ready to figt his own battles and show that after all the black man is capable of managing his own affairs.


We are going to demonstrate to the world, to the other nations, hat we are prepared to lay our foundation – our own African personality.


As I said to the Assembly a few minutes ago, I made a point that we are going t create our own Africa personality and identity.  It is the only way we can show the world that we are ready for our own battles.


But today, may I call upon you all, that on this grer that at day let us all remember that nothing can be done unless it has the purport and support of God.




Let us now, fellow Ghanaians, let us now ask for God’s blessing for only two seconds, and in your thousands and millions.


I want to ask you to pause for only one minute and give thanks to Almighty God for having led us through our difficulties, imprisonments, hardships and sufferings, to have brought us to our end of troubles today. One minute silence.


Ghana is free forever!  And here I will ask the band to play the Ghana National Anthem.


Reshaping Ghana’s destiney, I am depending on the millions of the country, and the chiefs and the people, to help me to reshape the destiny of this country.  We are prepared to pick it up and make it a nation that will be respected by every nation in the world.


We know were going to have difficult beginnings, but again, I am relying n your support….  I am relying upon your hard work.


Seeing you in this…  It doesn’t matter how far my eyes go, I can see that you are here in your millions.  And my last warning to you is that you are to stand firm behind us so that we can prove to the world that wen the African is given a chance, he can show the world that he is somebody!


We have awakened.  We will not sleep anymore. Today, from now one, there is a new African in the world!

39 responses to “Independence Speech – Kwame Nkrumah March 6, 1957, Accra, Ghana

  1. Nkrumah was fresh out of slavery and most of it was still sticking to his psyche. Calling Africans ‘black’ was a sign the redneck politics had invaded us by then.
    Another point showing how slavery still had a grip on this forward thinker is that he hands over all his hard work to the colonial god who exists only in the mind of the colonizer.

  2. This great man is dead and gone, but still remain fresh in our memories.

  3. As this great man said, we need to change our minds and attitudes. We also need to work hard as a people.

  4. The current leaders should learn from the pass ones

  5. The NDC government should manage our economy well like how the past leaders did

  6. Mawudeka Duwofeame

    Yes African can manage there own affairs. Let just move from domestic thinking and start thinking global.

  7. Nkrumah still remains an outstanding icon in the liberation of the african continent,which is currently under the brink of neo colonialism and self centred leaders who want to enrich themselves,eating with forks and knives on the table while the african people are eating on the ground!!

    • powerful wise words.neo colonialism is greatly affecting most of the african states for example zimbabwe.

  8. our current leaders have to reaccess their common identities and thrive and struggle to unite africa

  9. Kwame nkrumah was a prophet of Africa,we are not Africans,just because we are born in Africa,but because Africa was born in us.The reason why Africans are still not united is that we do not know our history.The history of Africa should be thougth in all schools in the continent.AFRICA MUST UNITE……


  11. Had Nkrumah not fought this battle, I wonder what would’ve become of us as a people.

  12. Hamwiinde Munamunungu

    Nkrumah was and still is a great and farsighted leader. He proposed a Union African Government on the basis of the US. What happened? Disunity amongst leaders killed the move. Africa Must Unite

  13. Antwi Boasiako Joseph

    May God help us.

  14. Why don’t we asked ourselves what Ghana was Destiny for. Was it being the ruler of Africa or Peaceful Nation. Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes. —Peter Drucker. Along the way Dr. Nkrumah left the dream of the nation and follow his own ambition by thinking that Africa can unite. A true leader knows his limit.

  15. How great and wonderful to see the unification of the whole African continent.For anyone to desire this for Africa is a candidate to lead Africa.I don’t see him(Nkrumah) wanting to rule but leading the people to obey the ruler; King of Kings

  16. TireMakhanSusumanguru

    Ghana’s independence has no impact on this generation. We should have allowed our colonial masters to develop Africa. Nkrumah’s struggle brought about a lot of negative impacts.

  17. if a man from 1957 can see the future even into the present; my question is, I wonder if our current African leaders can see even into tomorrow. Why? Nkrumah was one of a kind never to be replaced.

  18. nicholas morkah

    i think the vision n ideology of HE DR NKRUMAH should be a guide line n revision notes for our current african leaders. those who overthrew him have done us more harm than good.

  19. Samuel Yaw Asamoah

    Kwame Nkrumah was a visionary and he could see in his minds eye why the rest of Africa should be liberated to make the independence of Ghana complete. Here we we after almost 57 years of his speech africa is still trying to make this happen. The independence Nkrumah thought of is not what some countries have now. Neo colonialism, what Nkrumah spoke about has now replaced colonialism. It is a shame for the new breed of African leaderd.

  20. Know doubt about the Dr Kwame Nkrumah has more vision but the dictatorship is too much

  21. Benjamin barnes

    ghanaians must learn how their past leaders did to become greater persons than them

  22. We will be slave anymore we are going to rule ourselves for ever now western rules in Africa …

  23. Africa is for African no one else

  24. Slavery still exist but just been polished, there is a saying that (before the blind throw a stone at you the he have one under his feet) whiles Ghanaians were busy fighting for freedom the white people were busy planing of how to still exploit our rich resources dat he dnt ve,Dr, Nkrumah said “de black man is capable of managing his own affairs” but ask urself how many of our affairs is manage by we de black man

  25. Spitting Fayah

    The surest way to remedise our Problems is to first cleanse our mentality. Next, whichever positions we find ourselves in, should be managed and handled like we would treat our own hard earneds with remorse. Again, we the youth Must be given enough a platform to exhibit our youthful exhuberance coupled witht our Divine Ingenuity and Wit. Without these, we shall continue being the dogs of the West, lying still in wait of crumbs from their table. As long as APARTHY nucleuses our mind, we Ghanaians shall still be encapsulated in this tethered penury.

  26. Aaron Kaviiri

    If all our current leaders can develope anon selfishless heart like that of Nkrumah as he said “the independence of Ghana is meaningless un less it is linked up with the liberation of Africa”.Africa can be at another amazing and lured step.May his rest in peace

  27. Let’s not remain as the curse in the conscious of history let’s make history today ,Africa’s struggles are continuous …Together let’s understand that challenges we today face are the greatest of all times and if nothing be done our children could curse depending on what horror of society we left them

  28. He will be forever

  29. He will be forever remembered

  30. When comes another Kwame Nkrumah? In everything let’s think, talk and act like this true son of Africa. Forward to a truly free, united and prosperous Africa.
    Nii Okaijah

  31. He loved this country so much that tears dropped from his eyes the day he gave this speech. Let’s not disappoint him. We still have room to make things better. Long live GHANA!

  32. The man was born ahead of his time

    and had a foresight of a prophet.

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  34. Kennedy Brako

    Kwame Nkrumah,His desire for the black man to be self sustaining and vision to transform our lot,how he began to build the foundation of Ghana , driving Afrika along with him. This man should have led the nation all his life, selfless as he was, built mighty projects for the nation yet not a single house for himself, WE should bow down our heads in shame esp. Our leaders and people in authority who over the time have grabbed for themselves all the resouses of the nation and have failed to lead the way as it were in changing our attitude as a people which Nkrumah saw and we also sincerely know is the spirit of transforming a people and building the nation instead of building mansions upon mansions for themselves , in the face of deteriorating and woefully insufficient public facilities. Any time we live in those mansions and enjoy from the fat bank accounts and the butties so acquired it should prick our conscience of how wicked and greedy we have dragged Ghana on as if the building of the nation the way Nkrumah began to move painstakingly in building the structures, schools, hospitals industries not at 600% inflated costs, is too much work for us and therefore let’s head the opposite direction of selfishly plundering the scarce resources of the nation to enrich ourselves never to be poor again investing very heavily on foriegn soil while the rest of our people languish in abject poverty .
    Today ,70% of the revenue that is suppose to come to the state, slipes through the fingers of those entrusted to collecting them .
    Again the 30% that finally gets to the nation is also spent at shamefully inflated cost with about 5% of the national revenue actually impacting the nation.
    This is why it looks like on the national level nothing is getting done or the little that is done is at such a slow pace only to be accelerated in election year with unreasonable LOANS which will eventually cripple the nation to HIPIC but on the contrary our personal projects are at a fast speed of light ,absurd isn’t it.
    Now the preachers who are to sound the alarm are quiet, and those who are close to our leaders are in bed with them instead of rebuking them and help return the nation to this path of freedom Nkrumah foresaw .
    We are therefore left with one emminent intervention from God, the People of Ghana will be fed up one of these days and will rise up, no force can stop them ,not even a well orchestrated propaganda can, but big trees will fall and mighty rocks will be ground to powder.
    But let us avert this ,for all we need is ONE man ,who will decide to change the cause of the nation aggressively enough in the right direction as Nkrumah started and the rest of us supporting him to ward off the vampires from taking the nation to ransom again and thereafter electing selfless leaders to continue the path of freedom,and in this also we will not fail to pull the whole of Afrika with us.

  35. his vision ought to be emulated by presidentz in ghana especially

  36. hahahhaahhaha, nice comment.every comment is great

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