In response to various calls in this forum and our other online forums, we are glad to introduce the speeches section. This will host speeches by pan-Africanist leaders world wide.

The speeches hosted here will be selected on the basis of their  relevance to the pan-Africanist struggle all over the world  and we do  welcome suggestion on speeches that we should post here.

Index of speeches(as they appear on this site):

20 responses to “Speeches

  1. Black on black is like you drinking blood of you brother or you hate yourself, get up stand up be you must start to love other african the are family and remember africa don’t need blood only its need is transformation and black economy indipendence from the western economy

  2. Freindle enemicy kill are identity africa is for africa it time to reconicy and cultuture

  3. It time reconicy people and culture of nation

  4. Love of country is love of our africans brother and sister it time to reconicy people and culture of nation.

  5. Our country facing if or it leak of self esteemy and to build our self confindence and to be independet not to dependent to white is to transform our mind and charge our slave mentalit.

  6. African socialism is african solution. Peace among african war againist capitalism and black capitalist.

  7. To free azania is the road that african that must walk together with peace not to blame our past is to face the future of our country and benefit of our children future.

  8. We can be small by the numbers but truth will come out one day.

  9. The colour of my skin is not the mistake was created to be who I am and proud to be black.

  10. They chose a dog than human the say are God follows they have hate as but we cook for them and we wash for them we also build they economy

  11. Money give those have power more power and they mind is full of lies and empty promise to our people but you can fool people not for ever

  12. If creating by god why this to much hatre between us and them

  13. Our live today is more oppression than yestaday where is tree of freedom so that can eat the fruit of freedom

  14. thembinkosi gola

    One nation one africa no more blood in our country

  15. thembinkosi gola

    Why were are dived with religion no muslim or christian or santansim were are african

  16. thembinkosi gola

    Our country is very rich but were poor please lord help as

  17. thembinkosi gola

    I which our african from oversea can back to africa

  18. It is our duty to retain back our land without any compensation.

  19. Finding Africa in Africa should not be a problem for Africans .

  20. “The highest form of consciousness is self-consciousness”

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