Quotation Submission

Lets preserve the wise words of Africans and African leaders. Izwe Lethu!

14 responses to “Quotation Submission

  1. A great man in the making.

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  4. This assertion had made me subscribe to the idea of kwesi Brew in his poem LEST WE SHOULD BE TH LAST. Still we follow the Europeans unconsciously and “we left our corn in the barn and unprepared we follow” we should please at least wake up from our slumber now that we’ve learnt our lessons the hard way.

  5. Democracy or demoncracy is what called south africa freedom.

  6. I love my people and love my country africa and I like my black strong brothers and sisters who have nothing change to something with education we can change africa and with unity we can be nation strong.

  7. Our economy need leader that can take to the future today and we can do we respect.

  8. thembinkosi gola

    Love you brother and sister and you country by help have none when eat think those have no food and clother to wear and have war they country.

  9. thembinkosi gola

    Santan company is company that think about them self don’t care about the country they care less about others

  10. “The highest form of love is patriotism and selflessness”

  11. “Embrace the human race”

  12. “The highest form of consciousness is self consciousness”

  13. “Each and every generation must discover its own mission or drown into the well of oblivion”

  14. “Knowledge is the most potent weapon”

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