Sons and Daughters of the Soil

It give us great pleasure to announce that at last we have managed to put a first of its kind, an App dedicated to the preservation of the wise words of those whose lives we spent in the service to Africa. The Pan African Quotes App is available now for Android devices, you can download it from the Google Play Store. More features are coming on the App.

Some people still ask why some of the popular leaders from the Continent are not featured…again we reiterate that we are only going to features leaders showed an unquestionable commitment to the Unity of Africa and all its people, at home and abroad.

We have introduced a section where you can submit a quote which you believe to be of significance in the struggles of Africa, at home and abroad. Feel free to make use of this functionality. Let’s preserve the words and wisdom from the struggles of Africa. In the near future we will start a section which will host brief discussions on the latest quote. This will serve to ensure that political education follows the quotations we publish here.

Ours is the struggle for the unification and total liberation of Africa, as such we encourage correspondence and interaction with Africans all over. We are pleased that already Africans from various countries are corresponding with us, even submitting quotations.

Afrika for Afrikans.

Remember to also make use of our Mayihlome News sister site

Izwe Lethu!iAfrika!


2 responses to “About

  1. I Secrifice my self for Africa,Izwelethu iafrika.

  2. The future of Azania in particular, has untold possibilities..the captured leadership is bound hands and legs.. for the truth has its ways of coming forward and the traitors of the African revolution are running helter-skelter in preserving the evil legacy of white supremacy and falsifying history but the clock is ticking and soon there will be no place to hide the truth again.

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