Clarence Makwetu

Clarence Makwetu

“We are fighting for our land and that land is still in the hands of the oppressor. In other words the struggle can’t stop until we attain our goal.”

2 responses to “Clarence Makwetu

  1. Mguzalala Walter Mongwe

    Tlela hikurhula son of the soil, the struggle continues until we meet again .

  2. Mgxaji Sithembele

    Tell Lembede, A P Mda, Sobukwe, Nkrumah, Padmore and all that the reformed Settler Collonial System managed by the Black assimilated and collaborators further damage our people’s mind who are still in captivity by misleading them into believing they are when then they enchained. The struggle to emancipate our productive forces as African People is continued by us left behind despite stooges and disrupters of the Pan Africanist cause.

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