Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe

“We paid the ultimate price for it and we are determined never to relinquish our sovereignty and remain master of our destiny. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.”


3 responses to “Robert Mugabe

  1. Indeed it wont.all thanks to the 1976 internal settlement concluded at the Lancaster to what has been generally known as the Lancaster agreement. least we forget the Mau Mau uprising in kenya. alligence has to be paid as well to the likes of Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole who led the ZANLA before Mugabe’s reign, the Zimbabwe people’s revolutionary army of Joshua Nkomo whom without jointly with Mugabe the Lancaster house agreement wouldn’t have been reached.
    There are however other states that critics vehemently fail to mention or rather make mention of like the support of the Soviet union for ZIPRA and China’s Support for ZANLA. i am a south African and as such a son of the the African soil.hence i will even to date celebrate the independence of Zim and other hard fought countries like kenya, congo and my own SA. The decline of support by Cuba and Mozambique by Mugabe and Nkomo for support during the Cold war towards their joint PATRIOTIC FRONT also has to be mentioned. some might argue as well that Gratitude rather than Acknowledgement has to be given to North Korea for training of the Zim soldiers at Pyongyang mostly on how to use explosives. as much as i stand to be corrected, i salute Tanzania and to some extend Libya as well for training Zim soldiers. We need to celebrate as well the lives of countless patriots and compatriots whose lives were lost to the fight against colonialism and oppression in so many countries. what bonds us is a thread and shared pain of the undying love we have for our African soil, the minerals underneath, the green on top and the anti-colonialism spirit that’s bonded in our DNA as a people of the soil.

    “Through the years of our own struggle in South Africa, the people of Zimbabwe displayed in abundance their calling as the guardian of orphans and of those who suffer”.-Mandela

  2. Yes but we need to be careful in how we achieve that … National reconciliation is crucial in moving forward as a nation ..

  3. Masilo Morapedi

    Never again will GREAT ZIMBABWE be a colony, Long Live the Great Kingdom of Mono Motapa (Human Kings). From King Mutota to the ones before and after Him. Long Live Motapa Mugabe, Azania izwe lethu!

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