Motsoko Pheko

Motsoko Pheko

“Colonialists stole not only the lands of African people and renamed them. They stole also their knowledge, so that they would know nothing about themselves”


4 responses to “Motsoko Pheko

  1. I do agree with you . but now we know the truth why we as Africans don’t work in hand to hand to come up with a resolution regarding to the matter that affects us as Africans. stop making nose in the social networks and lets take a decisive action towards this matter. so that we could get help and share our information , we can have some sort of congress that will include all the youth of Africa who believe in uniting Africa. people who had same vision as me about African continent . for example share teachings from pan-Africanism to black consciousness, and so on.

  2. Masilo Morapedi

    Ma-Afrika thokozani! Baba Lungisa kaGemini, the Afrkan youth is ready… Especially considering the loss of the Afrikanist Touch from most of our Afrikan leaders who still follow the foreigner’s indoctrination of the Afrikan spirit of Ubuntu and Afrikan Tradition; Culture and Custom. The Afrikan youth is radiantly and radically ready to redress all the division that made the invaders’ colonialisation conquest an easy process, I am ready and so are my comrades in the Southern tip of Afrika. From Soweto to Saldanha, Limpopo to Cape Point. We are ready to fight til death fear us, i see my reply is overdue so i will ask the direct and important question: What have you as Lungisani done ukulungisa the imperative fact you mentioned from your side of life?

  3. chuene paulvin lepadima

    the black skin is not a badge of shame but rather a glorious symbol national greatness

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