Onkgopotse Tiro

Onkgopotse Tiro

“It is better to die for an idea that will live than to live for an idea that will die”


9 responses to “Onkgopotse Tiro

  1. He even said “We know people who can represent us.” on his 1972 29th April speech

  2. I have added a form where all of us can submit quotes for publication on this blog.

  3. Accept to risk life for a good idea than protect life and live others in trash

  4. Suffering is the begining of surety

  5. We missd him at a very early age.

  6. its biko who said that my friend

  7. This source and correction of Onkgopotse Tiro’s quote was Tiro’s comrade and contemporary, Comrade Vuyisa Qunta, a veteran activist of the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania (BCMA), AZAPO and the Black People’s Convenetion (BPC). He did acknowlegde that the quote is mistakenly attributed to Comrade Bantu Biko, mainly because Biko said to many proudn things. But a number of other qoutes like “Black man you are on your own”, and this one he did not originate. The latter should correctly be credited to Barney Pityana.

    The words ” It is better to die for an idea that will live than to live for an idea that will die”., Qunta said were coined by Onkgopotse Tiro, afetr he was expelled from Turfloop in 1972, and he became permament organiser of the South African Student Organisation (SASO). He said this was during his address to students at the Universisty of Fort Hare in 1972. He was visisting that campus to explain to students what had happened at Turfloop during his his expulsison. Many students and campuses as we recall were boycotting classes nataionwide in solidarity with Tiro, and also as a sign of protest aginst his expulsion. Comrade Vuiyisa says he was a student there and was part of the crowd that was adressed by Tiro. Qunta was a great writer and researcher himself, especially on the narraitives of black history and struggles. He corrected this everything he heard it being incorrectly attributed to Steve Biko, and encourgaged us to educate others and do necessary corrections on our popular and struggle histories. But we do this in a cordial and constrcuctive manner, because between Biko and Tiro, there is no fundamental and ideological contestation or difference. They were compatriots, contemporaries and comrades after all.

  8. Noble Daughter Lucy

    Izwe Lethu maAfrika i’m very worried about the information our fellow brothers and sisters get at high schools they are being misled, if only PASO was active in our secondary schools, can anyone help me with strategies and supply me with contacts to help me awaken the azanian spirit in our learners

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