Patrice Lumumba

Patrice Lumumba

“Our wounds are too fresh and too painful still for us to drive them from our memory. We have known harassing work, exacted in exchange for salaries which did not permit us to eat enough to drive away hunger, or to clothe ourselves, or to house ourselves decently, or to raise our children as creatures dear to us.”


12 responses to “Patrice Lumumba

  1. its a good thing to be there finally

  2. may the almighty God help the African leaders to reason like patrice lumumba

  3. he was born too early for congo.

  4. chikombola obbious

    my names are obbious chikombola mumba.but i have changed it to obbious chikombola lumumba.He was the greatest congolee to have ever lived.

  5. Plsss what is the meanin of lumumba?i want to use it.he is my greatest

  6. It seems every African leader who endeavors to implement His ideas is automatically taken as an enemy of some foreign elements who are against the unification of the African continent , eradication of all totalitarian states and economic empowerment of the so called “third world”
    Japhta Mnguni RSA

  7. It seems like we will take centuries to be in the standard that white people are @ in our own lands.

  8. We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it , RIP son of the soil , Patrice Lumumba

  9. I felt like quitting n life being so meaningless to me after i packed my belongings and left for Garissa University for my degree;only to realise i was almost meeting my death in that place.From 2nd April 2015 my life meant nothing but thru your quotes n inspiration i feel i will cycle this tyre of life

  10. we need to know more about Pan Africa. Special we the young once.

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