Chinweizu Ibekwe

Chinweizu Ibekwe

“The central objective in decolonising the African mind is to overthrow the authority which alien traditions exercise over the African. This demands the dismantling of white supremacist beliefs, and the structures which uphold them, in every area of African life. It must be stressed, however, that decolonisation does not mean ignorance of foreign traditions; it simply means denial of their authority and withdrawal of allegiance from them.”

2 responses to “Chinweizu Ibekwe

  1. I am firm believer of Black Theology. I agree, when the white man came to Africa, he asked us to close our eyes and pray. And when we finished praying, he had the land and we the Bible. However, he did not deny us the capability of using it wisely.

    Oour people flock in large number to the various ministries. We need to reach them where they are. Let us use the Bible to win back our people to our course.

  2. I agree with you mAfrika,but they wiped out self believe in our people and the Bible taught us to turn the other cheek and pray for the transgressor.

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