Thomas Sankara

Thomas Sankara

“If we maintain a certain amount of caution and organization we deserve victory….You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness. In this case, it comes from nonconformity, the courage to turn your back on the old formulas, the courage to invent the future.”


13 responses to “Thomas Sankara

  1. Hussein MOHAMED

    I feel that My life has changed sisnce the day I went deep exploring and discovering Cpt Sankara’s life and his accomplishment, I hail his name and vow to carry on from where he had left, Blaise Compaore must be punished for depriving Africa this Upright Man.

  2. Yusuf musa jammaje

    Great leaders are rarely found!

  3. Thomas sankara,was ,is and will remain a real leader for all times,sadly we have stone age dictators like blaise,who pretend to be a leader,he is nothing but a war criminal,like is bosses in france

  4. There is no way Thomas Sankara will ever be dead in my life, with all his lessons I find every problem in my life has the solution because up to this moment I haven’t faced what he faced in his life defending and fighting for the right and happiness of his fellow Africans and he never gave up, may God be with him and give him the best more than the best he left for us, I wish we would have the same real leaders like him but am not sure if the time bring us what we had as leaders.

  5. A man who was an example of a man…..

  6. Sankara demostrated and understood the true sense of the word “ITERGRITY” a true champion of Pan Africanism he was a man through a through a true servent of the people

  7. Ibrahim Isa Umar

    Africa need,leaders like Thomas Sankara, bcos, of his innovative principles, and pos

    itive change.!! ‘:




  8. ras gongi tafari makonnen

    Its true my brother, I read most of our african leaders but this man will stay in my heart forever. Compaore and his patners need to be punished.

  9. Blaise compaore must be punished for depriving Africa this upright man,o i vow to carry out the remaining thing where he had stop.why must blaise compaore souciseded in pulling down the eye’s of the africa the iroko tree oh i mysife will rise and stand against he.

  10. Phakamile Victor Mabena

    A true brave and blessed leader of Africa lost so early in his life,how tragic
    we lost future lessons.

  11. Phakamile Victor Mabena

    I thank you for the opportunity to post my comments on such a Great Son of the soil.

  12. Adebo paul ilesanmi

    Great sankara, he was a Man who live to share the pains of the people, onces more you are great till death. Prosterity will judge ur enemies.

  13. Truely, Africa has had a great many leaders. But in the words of Bob Marley how long shall they kill our pophets while we stand aside and look?

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