John Nyathi Pokela

John Nyathi Pokela

“The African people are the PAC and the PAC is the African people.”

3 responses to “John Nyathi Pokela

  1. John Nyathi Pokela,one of the greatest sons of Africa,it is that Pac is African People so as African People are Pac!

  2. I am very much delighted to find that a collection on history of my Grandfather is properly recorded. He was a great leader of his time.

  3. There is little of comrade Nyathi Phokela’s photos…..can someone please release more of this galant son of the soil in picture/photo so that our children will know his physic….Nyathi brought the PAC together after Potlako Leballo messed up in Exile when the party was divided….all we know is that his body was buried in Zimbabwe’s heroes acre…..

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