Robert Sobukwe

Robert Sobukwe

“We are fighting for the noblest cause on earth, the liberation of mankind….there is only one race, the human race. Multi-racialism is racism multiplied.”


89 responses to “Robert Sobukwe

  1. With confidence, you have won before you have started
    A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots
    God and Nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement.

    …Africa for the Africans… at home and abroad!….

  2. Chance has never yet satisfied the hope of a suffering people. have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there
    know no national boundary where the blacks is concerned. The whole world is my province until Africa is free

  3. I would like if I can be notified of Robert Sobukhwephilosophies.

    • Soon we will introduce subscription features which will alow you to be notified by email of all new quotes we put up here. While Sobukwe is not the be it all of Pan Africanism His perspective is shared amongst many different schools of Pan Africanism and i am sure you will learn of his philosophies in the qoutes we put here even when they are not directly from Sobukwe. Taban

      • samuel cyprian

        i am an africanist even though i dont believe in throwing a white man into the sea but i strongly believe that if we cant share and benefit equally therefor none of us shall exist

      • There is nothing in pan-Africanism that suggests throwing a white man into the sea that was a lie perpertuated by the ANC in the occupied South Africa who sought to thwart the africanist movement in the country. Pan-Africnaism is found in the belief thatwe are one human race and whosoever owes his loyality to African and her progress is an African regardless of skin color, creed or sexual orientation. PAramout was the unification of Africa as a country and not as fragments that still represent colonial interests

      • Hello Taban,

        Please send me your email address, there is a concept i have and would love to hear your opinion with regards to creating more awareness and educating oir people about the Pan Africanism movement .



      • Hello Gugulethu,

        I will drop you an email shortly.

        Izwe Lethu

  4. How can I receive quotes from the Robert Sobukwe’s post card at Robben Island Store?

    • Hugh u can give me a call on 0784594009 regarding this matter

    • Yes, Gugulethu also forward me that concept on Pan African movement, i am young Zimbabwean who is thirsty to know more about Pan African movements and how our generation, young as it is can take up where the likes of Sobukwe left.

  5. please furnish me with pan africanism quotes

  6. I need more reading material on Pan Africanism. Please assist

  7. M’Afrika I’m working on a book of quotations (pocket size) of Prof Sobukwe. Can you help me with more of his quotes. Remember Afrika!


  9. It was land that was expropriated from our forefathers and not democracy.In1994 we only got democracy and land was left behind.

  10. Thy shall not share property unrecovered,why is the 87% of land stollen not recovered ?
    The liberation of this country is for the conviniance of the European who now comfortably calls himself an Afrikaneer. Self presevation at its best!

  11. Being african is the best gift of all from god!

  12. your greatness will remained unparalleled

  13. Mayibuye, mayibuye, mayibuye iAzania lefatse la rona.

  14. Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, qawe lama qawe…

  15. ma africa azania pregnant with untold possibilities we dont know which creture it wil creat let me remind you or allow me to repeat histroy by quoting proff mangaliso sobukwe when he say here is tree rooted in african soil nourished from the watars flowing from the rivers of africa came sit under the tree became leaves of the same tree and branches of the same sinds by that ma africa iizwelethu

  16. A great soul indeed

  17. samuel cyprian

    there is no any form of government that can rule more than a century the question is fellow africans who will rule us next

  18. samuel cyprian

    we are all africanist ideologist by nature as we are all political animals by nature.

  19. samuel cyprian

    africanist created the form of freedom we have and someday it shall be govern by them

  20. samuel cyprian

    im black by nature and i am proud by choice

  21. To anyone who need R.M.Sobukwe quotes must reed his speeches.

  22. I am in tears watching the documentary on SABC 1 and I always mention Mr Sobukwe, Tsietsi Mashinini, Onkgopotse Tiro, inta alia, and how they’ve been forgotten ans the people that contributed greatly to the freedom I have today. Ntate Sobukwe was and still is to me, the greatest struggle hero there ever was. I hail from Moroka North in Soweto and I am proud of my township. I was raised by a man and woman(my parents) who shared the same vision as Ntate Sobukwe… We HAVE to keep his legacy going, especially his dreams and vision of liberating our people mentally and sharing the land of our fore fathers as Africans… Continue spreading LOVE not Animosity!

    • Yes, Gugulethu also forward me that concept on Pan African movement, i am young Zimbabwean who is thirsty to know more about Pan African movements and how our generation, young as it is can take up where the likes of Sobukwe left.

  23. izwe lethu ma-AFRICA!!! i watched the documentary too and i was as much HURT as u are ,this chaterists are doing nothing to keep the SOBUKE name alive. HIS SUFFERINGS,HIS AGONY SHALL REMAIN OUR HEARTS.


    i’m an African who still believes that we are stil in captive.i proclaim to the to the universe that I am not a political individual,i embrace all races as one race.what I saw on SABC1 made me wander,are we really free or we are just walking next to my majesty freedom.the documentary on SABC1 answered many questions I have been struggling to answer.that the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.why as South African’s we know little about him but his name lives abroad,what is missing.why his knowledge is kept to the few?


    what did he do that makes them scared.that even today as the youth asazi nto ngaye.look what they did to malema,the media made him to look like a lunatic in the eyes of the nation.

  26. ma-AFRICA where can i get a t-shirt printed prof SOBUKE’S face? pls help, if u can help, just email me. SHANGULASHE!!!

  27. I also saw the documentary recently on SABC was very much touched and angry as recently my daughter at school they are being called “stupid blacks” “monkeys” “uncivilized” to the point where other kids have accepted the racism remarks and they do not see anything wrong with that, It pains me as an African as there’s not much that is been done on issues like these,We still need brave leaders like Mr Sobukwe.

  28. Please i need more info on the life of Mr Sobukwe

  29. How can I get get documents on his life in prison including house arrest?

  30. A huge gap is left by the ANC and the National Party, about Robert Sobukwe. I am pissed off today to here people like Zuma paying tribute to the man that refused point blank to join the anti pass campaign. That liberated this country I am talking about Albert Lithuli.
    Anyway I am slowly understanding why was PAC started by the likes of Leballo, Sobukwe, Mothopeng and other great heroes.
    Black people are not what we are potrait by the current ANC. We Africans we put other people’s needs before our’s. We don’t steal poor people’s money and enrich ourself with tenders. As Africans we need to rise up against these hooligans that stole our identity and what was rightfully our.

    I-Afrika, mayibuye!

  31. One day the truth shall come out and people will realize why political giants like o Sobukwe were silenced. The real revolution is still coming, when the masses will start questioning the state of this so called democracy when they are still suffering at the hands of the historical oppressor in collusion with the new African capitalist.

    This is definitely not what the son of the soil lived and died for. South Africans have been brainwashed, the truth behind what Sobukwe stood for concealed to promote the interests of the oppressor using the chaterist vehicle disguised as a liberation movement.

    The aspiration of the African to determine his own destiny, reclaim his land full of resources was portrayed as racist, to confuse the masses and align them with an apologetic movement that will deliver the government back to the oppressor with a window dressed image.

    I still wait to get an explanation from those who portray this great son of the soil and what he stood for as a racist, how could he be a racist if he only recognized one race, which is the human race.

    I still wait to see any reference that suggests that he will drive the whites to the sea when he demanded loyalty and allegiance from them to be considered Africans

    I pray for our beloved country and hope that the people will wake up and hope that when that happens it wont be late..

    Long live the spirit of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, our fallen political giant, acknowledged on panic mode by our previous illegitimate regime.

    • i realy agree with u mo afrika

    • The people of South Africa have been lead to believe that the ANC is the great messiah and they are the only political party that is responsible for the liberation of the people of South Africa, forgetting that the PAC and Azapo with other freedom fighting movements also played a role in our liberation.

    • Yes I fully agree with you prins . I am very excited to heard that coming out from a young African who still worried about the future of South Africa.

  32. kelebogile tshukudu

    I could strongly agree that we are brainwashed by those who let us strive and suffer, forgetting those who gave us freedom and dignity like Mr Robert Sobukwe .I did not know much about him because South African politicians never showed us where we got the ability to have democratic country until we were curious about our leaders that gave us opportunities to become a fairly treated South Africans by that i mean we need to treat people equally since it is one of our rights.Mr Robert Sobukwe needs to be shown respect and appreciation by the people for all the sacrifice he made for all of us to become one nation.

  33. the one who does not follow his mission he wont undestand our struggle

  34. i wish if God can make it possible for MOTHER AFRICA to have Prof R. SOBUKWE in our life time again, I believe AFRICA WILL NEVER WEEP FOR MORE THAN MILLION YEARS……….He was not a son but i believe a TRUE FATHER OF MANY ACROSS AFRICA AND BEYOND…….A real ICON

  35. izwe lethu Ma-Africa, sons and dawters of the mother land. Mine Ma-Africa is simple, we live in a country which claims land no longer Africa but its auctioned for sale to all who live in these country. “our history is written in blood and no amount of lies can erase it.”



    come down spirit of Sobukwe
    Yehla moya ka Sobukhwe………….ILIZWE LONAKELE LIDINGA WENA

    My skin colour doesnt represent my mentality it is just a pigment and im going beyond


  38. Motlhabane kagisho

    We are pro-africans we aint nobody we dream,we breath africa lets our sons and daughters of africa rule them selves in their land ”AZANIA”

  39. I admire Mangaliso Sobukwe the Afrikanist soldier and I add that no non-Afrikan,i.e. European,Indian,Arab,Jew,Chinese etc can ever be Afrikan irrespective of where they were born or their so-called ‘commitment’ to Afrika.Marcus Garvey the greatest Pan Afrikanist truly said,”Afrika for the Afrikans.For those at home and abroad.”

  40. Awuuuuu…….!!!!!!!! PAC. can anyone please help me ngokundazisa more nge PAC and how to join i Youth ye PAC. If is there anyone who can do so please will he/she email me at LIBERATE AZANIA……. AWU IZWE LETHU. (I’m still a grade 12 student)

  41. IZwe Lethu Noble Sons and Daughters of Africa. Allow me to lift my Right Hand and greet you by saying IZWE LETHU! IAFRIKA!! ma-Afrika im extremely impressed by the work of PASMA on our HIGH LEARNING INSTITUTION, PASMA made me and most of the student to see the TRUTH that was long time been hidden from our eyes. Leaders that claims battles that they didn’t even fight, instead made negociations that are still oppressing the AFRICANS. BUT WHAT WE NEED TO DO AS YOUTH UNDER THE BANNER OF PAC, AS PASMA, WE NEED TO LIFT PAC AND BCM MORE ACTIVE ON PAC GATHERINGZ AFTER WE FINISH OUR COURSES SO THAT THOSE PPL OUT THR CN SEE THIS LIGHT AND CN HERE THE TRUTH THAT WE SHALL REVEAL.

  42. The time for the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania is coming sooner rather than later. People need to be enlightened to the prospect of having a Pan African lead country. I for 1 will be active in the PAC and will not rest till we are at the centre. IZWE LETHU MA’AFRIKA

  43. Africns r those africans who believe that african nationalism is a only liberty which can bind us all 2gether 2 the tusk mould the will be no tribe will be higher than each other

  44. PAC members were the only Africans who were prepared to be jailed when no one was prepared to be, prepared to be killed, tortured, poisoned, isolated, ambushed, starved in their own land when nobody was prepared to be, only for the good course of attaining the true liberation of the indigenous Africans, that is self determination in their own land, as of today our non renewable mineral resources are still trafficked to both Europe and America wherein our own African people are still exploited and subjected to slave wages even in this so called democracy engulfed by the corruptors and corruptee’s, but it is the real Africans who can change this, shortly the time to act is the present. Izwe Lethu!!.

    • Buwa M-Africa, buwa…..tell them. Izwe lethu. And one among the other things, the ruling party should have built at least two institutions where we can implement the skills of the Africans to change our minerals into a usable form.

  45. izwe lethu

  46. Izwe lama Africa….Africa For Africans!!!!

  47. But what is the main reason for perfament to un recognise this leader contributuon….?…with these greedly Africanleaders its today whete we see the …..the per

    ishing Africa as the zonked state…….when will we teach and be proud of Sobukhwe…?..when will wr learn and admire his legercy
    .,?…whn will we support and sttuggle without the fear…..our current leaders cheated and they are guilty

  48. Youth of today,we have to leave the past where it belongs “in the past”,and focus in making the future better for us and the up coming generation.OUR FUTURE STARTS WITHIN US,”me and you”.

  49. Perhaps the real question is what is the past? Anything that happened a second ago is the past, the fact that you know your date and place of birth, your name it means we can’t forget the past. It is scientifically proven both inside and outside the laboratory that in order to go forward we have to know where we are coming from. The fact remains that we can’t build our future on lies, our non renewable mineral resources are trafficked to both Europe and America and to the pockets of the elite few disguised as a vehicle that will deliver the future to sons and daughters of this land while precious commodities like coal are stacked outside Africa for the main purpose that should it happen that our wells run dry ,both the past and present special collonisers they are safe at our own expense.

  50. I would like 2c PAC raising in Paarl and the spirit of Tata sobukwe Izwe lethu ma Afrka

  51. More info please

  52. Though I am a member of ANC, but i couldnt agree with SIPHO GUMEDE MORE in his statement. currently reading Robert Sobukwe ‘How can man die better’ by Benjamin Pogrund trying to understand how Robert Sobukwe lived

  53. Sobukwe had left the legacy behind him. Izwe lethu.

  54. Izwe lethu SONS & DAUGHTERS of the soil. Please allow me to raise my right hand and greet you by saying “IZWE LETHU, i-AFRICA”. Let me first say that I work and study simultaneously in CAPE TOWN at CPUT and I am staying in Langa. I would like to participate or contribution with my input in PAC gatherings, so I want to know if is there any branch of PAC in Langa?. If yes pls throw me the details of the person who is responsible for that branch at ( INKULULEKO MAYIBUYE high respect high morals. Izwe lethu Ma-Africa.

  55. “IZWE LETHU MA-AFRICA”…….. What has happened to Azanian People’s Liberation Army (APLA)?.

  56. Sons and daughters of the soil please allow me to lift my hand and greet by saying IZWE LETHU……… I am a student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and andiliva ifuthe kwi-PASMA.

    Where is the spirit of Mangaliso Sobukwe, Tsietsi Mashinini.


  57. Come down spirit of Robert Mangalisi Sobukhwe come down…I will serve PAC till I die…

  58. I will serve my PAC till I die on this Earth fighting for liberation

  59. Sons and Daugher of the soil I’m truly inspired by sobukwes intellectual and his philosophy of a Africanism. I’m so inclined to learn more if the is a book I can by of sobukwe. Please brothers and sisters notify me by email ill really appreciate it

  60. Sons & Daughters of the soil please allow me to raise my right hand and greet you by saying IZWE LETHU. Today we are celebrating late Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe’s BIRTHDAY……..HAPPY BIRTHDAY QHAWE LAMAQHAWE………..
    ………………….IZWE LETHU………………..

  61. Without land we are nothing sifananje nenkomo ezibhadulayo

  62. Hi
    Please do send me the quotes from the man who believed in africa!! MR ROBERT MANGALISO SOBUKWE

  63. sons&douters of the soil i stll say we cnt hv any negotiation without our LAND BACK “ILIZWE LETHU MA AFRICA AMAHLE”

  64. What is an African?

  65. nadney mulaudzi

    izwe lethu
    as a sons of an africa soil n believe in the idealogy of master sobukwe i will continue with the movement of pac, payco n pasma.
    afurika shango lashu

  66. It is inexpressible how I think and feel about Robert Sobukwe. I love and admire Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko. Giants. It is one of the world’s greatest tragedies that Robert Sobukwe is not a universal name. And that his political ideology and thinking not incorporated in the politics of our day. As far as I am concerned, he is one of the best human beings who ever lived, alongside Nelson Mandela. The legacy of his thinking, his unconquerable integrity, the magisterium of his morality,his politics and worldview, his spirituality, have been side-lined and silenced. If his name had been made accessible to us all , I think we would have had a very different South Africa and world.I blame the previous racist government and the ANC for this. It is a total disgrace.

  67. I would rather die standing than leave on my knees begging.

  68. I order for our children and generations to come we need to tell them the true reflection of our history. To be honest even our prisoners at Robben Island under the National Party government they were the most brutally treated prisoners. And Senior members of our movement who served time with Prof and are still alive can shed us a better light about the harsh treatment they received at the island. Ntate Mlambo is a living example . Izwe Lethi!!

  69. Prof was declared a Nationalist Party Government enemy number one,inside and outside prison after a special parliamentary sitting and was imprisoned indifinitely. Even at Robben Island he was in solitary confinement at an isolated house now called Sobukwe House. Was banished to Kimberley where he passed on. Sohlangana mhla kubusa u Mlambo e Azania. Cape to Cairo,Morocco to Madagascar. One Azania One Nation.Izwe Lethu!!

  70. An Africanist is one who pay his aligience to AFRIKA and abide by an Africanist idiology .

  71. I need help with finding the book “How can a man die better” by Benjamin Pogrunt. Please can someone forward me the details via my e-mail address.

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